Today was on of those days that I wanted to stay out of the rain, get cozy on the couch and catch up on all of the little things that I never find time for.

How would you enjoy doing the same thing, in this fabulous corner of the world?


What corner of the world is that you ask?  Linnéstaden, Sweden.

Whether you see this apartment as a place to get comfy in, a place to hang your coat, a place with a great dining room table to have breakfast at or a bedroom to dream your life away in, it`s one that I could have spent all day in today!  It`s little nooks and lovely balcony are all that I would need to feel at home in.

Though the apartment has clean and simple design, there are a few spaces that I adore and find absolutely stunning.

I’m loving the bedroom with gorgeous blue and white William Morris wallpaper and the hooks and mirror in the front entrance.

Take a look at the apartment pictures below and let me know what you think!  Do you find it`s decor is too simple or does it have just enough to keep you feeling right at home?

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