So there were more great DIY projects completely by many bloggers last week and I’m happy to showcase them again for you below!

I am always surprised at the motivation and creativity of these ladies – check out the five I chose for this week:

1.  A Little of This, A Little of That used some creativity to create these two great vases!  I adore the pattern on both and like that it’s an affordable project!

IMG_8230 IMG_8200

2.  New House, New Home, New Life made these driftwood dining chairs from four old chairs destined for the dump.  Don’t you just love the new patina to the chairs, after a few coats of a bunch of paints?!?  I think that it was time well spent!


3.  Number Fifty-Three created this gorgeous book page wreath.  I like how a paper punch was used to make the ends of each page unique!  It adds a nice touch to the dining room.


4. The Winthrop Chronicles made these pretty moss sphere topiary’s.  You can buy these in a lot of places, by why buy them, when you can make them as easily as this?!  Especially when they look this cute – and bring some nature indoors!


5.  And last, but definitely not least, Maybe I Will choose some really great wrapping paper to create these beautifully recovered books (and at a MUCH lower price tag) than it would cost to buy the new!

I don’t know about you, but I wish that I used something like this in school to be more inspired in math class :)



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