I LOVE anything vintage – and feel that something vintage should be incorporated into every room.

Whether it’s a light fixture for a bathroom, a set of old cutlery made into a chandelier for your kitchen, a beautiful wrought iron bed for a spare room, an old picture frame, a suitcase turned table, a basket in the kitchen, glassware, linen or furniture – it can all be pretty – in the right place.

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There is just something so amazing vintage pieces!  They help to make a house a home, give a space character and originality, to show anyone who visits your home who you really are and they enhance every room they are placed in.

I fell in love with many of the vintage elements below.

Placed in the right environment, a chair, tile, fan (or even an old globe!), all bring together a space with an impeccable bonding ability.  The piece doesn’t always have to be a large one and you’ll know when it’s in the right spot!

Take a look at some of these vintage vixens and let me know which element is your fav!

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via my Vintage Pinterest Board

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