You may or may not already know, but I have to admit that blue and green are my favourite colours (and EVERY shade of both).  Oh, I should also mention that both of these colours are a close second to my number one favourite “colour”; white.

When I stumbled upon pictures of this quaint little apartment in Stockholm, all decked out in blue, I had to share!


I love the blue (perhaps not all of the blue in the bedroom), but I also love that the place has a bit of charm and English decor.

hall_draperi kok kok_gardiner sovrum_blatt_hissgardiner

I love the striped blue and white drapes in the sitting area and adore the checker board fabric and wallpaper in the kitchen.  For a small place (only measuring 70 sqm), it’s definitely not short on style.  Cute, cute, cute!

So what do you think – too much blue, or just the right amount (maybe, minus the blue walls in the bedroom?)

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