I just LOVE this house that Sarah, Brian, and their daughter Teagan, call home.

They purchased the house a year and a half ago and have transformed it from a not-so-nice looking relic, into something very personal.  They have made the house…. well, cozy!  The house feels lived in.  It feels and looks like a house that you can comfortably relax and cook in, share moments and memories in.  It’s truly a little jewel.


At only 1,000 square feet, the house doesn’t leave you wanting any more space.  Everything seems to fit perfectly.

Both Sarah and Brian have personalized the house with some great DIY treasures, alongside some great vintage pieces – found on the side of the road!

I’m in love with the light colour palette, in combination with the more vibrant touches of colour in each room.  I adore the old pieces that also stand alone in each room.

Their daughter Teagan’s room is very practical (in addition to being so cute and tiny).  Alongside her parents, Teagan has taken on an appreciation for the hidden beauty in older pieces – particularly brass figures.

So step inside their home on this rainy day and feel as comfortable in it as I do!   It’s a house that I believe many people could call home.

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