Though it seems like an oxymoron, this beautiful 20,000 square foot farmhouse sits on 17 acres of land in New York – one of last the city`s you think of when thinking about available land or s-p-a-c-e.


Home owners Donna and Paul Frank could see the potential in the farmhouse and knew they could tackle the renovations to make it feel just like home.

Both Donna and Paul took an active part in making this farmhouse their home and didn`t leave out a detail!

Though the house is filled with period pieces, they also wanted to ensure it`s walls and rooms were filled with personal possessions.

Whether it`s the antique table in the master bathroom, or childhood dresser in their master bedroom, the farmhouse definitely manages to define itself as something more sophisticated than a barn on a plot of land.

Their 19th-century Louis Philippe secretary, natural book page wallpaper in the powder room, cozy living room seating area, and custom kitchen help to make the space feel much smaller and inviting.

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The brass kitchen drawer pulls and lamp on the counter are both handsome and grounding.  Having a floor made of salvaged bricks (heated too, I might add) help to bring warmth and originality to the room.

Even I could cook in that kitchen (and that`s something I don`t often do!).  :)


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