Now this is one eclectic apartment!

The apartment is rented by Alexis Tompkins, (a designer of residential interiors by day) and her partner Ian Mesey.  At 850 square feet and located in Inner Richmond, San Francisco, Alexis and Ian have made this apartment feel very homey.


Though the style of the apartment is very diverse, the historic beauty of this 1907 building still shines through.  Alexis and Ian have taken time to collect very original and unique items, showing us that creating a great looking apartment can be done on a budget!!  They have also done a brilliant job of working with older decor (see bathroom below) and making it their own.

Vibrant and dark colours add many layers of contrast to the space and let their personalities shine through.

Whether you are typically more drawn to lighter spaces (as I am), you can still appreciate the more traditional touches, amazing art and light fixtures they have treasure hunted!



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