Wouldn`t you just love to live in this farmhouse in Northern California?!

I had to share this lovely piece of property with you, especially after seeing it`s lovely living room and kitchen.  :)

CLX-homegrown-living-room-0413-lgn homegrown-kitchen-0413-lgn

All 2,400 square feet and two acres of this land are etched with beauty.  The 1890`s farm has so much charm and character!  I also love that homeowner Beverly included her vintage odd and ends in the home and milk glass.  I LOVE the Bulova clock in the living room!

homegrown-old-bench-0413-lgn CLX-homegrown-pool-0413-lgn-88071456 homegrown-hydrangeas-0413-lgn homegrown-guesthouse-0413-lgn homegrown-dining-nook-0413-lgn homegrown-bedroom-0413-lgn homegrown-antique-cabinet-0413-lgn

The view of the neighbouring vineyard from the pool is breathtaking, alongside the well landscaped garden paths.  I`d be happy staying in the 700 square foot guest house.  How about you?


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