I wanted to share some more pictures with you today – to help bring you comfort and joy on this dreary day!

Though the rain that has come around again has brought some warmer weather, I think most of us would prefer cooler days with sunshine!

If I owned this home, the rainy weather wouldn’t be something I’d wish away.  I wouldn’t mind staying indoors!  I just love how comforting the rooms are and how warm and cozy the house makes you feel.

I hope that you are snuggled up somewhere as beautiful as this abode. :)


2.living-room-defbis1  books-library-defbis1 cubes-playroom-defbis1 deco-fireplace-living-room-defbis1   desk-defbis-410x617 kid-room-defbis1 kid-room-seat-defbis-410x617 lempika-parfums-living-room-defbis1 luggage-room-defbis1 table-living-room-defbis1 table-playroom-defbis1 view-outside-defbis1



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