Southern Gotland, Sweden: the place that I would love to be right now!

Asa Hallin and Håkan Jacobsson live in this gorgeous old farmhouse (1889) and with their two children and cats.   They painstakingly restored both the interior and exterior, keeping the original ceilings (which add an amazing patina).

Åsa Hemse

They wanted to maintain the old feel of the home, so constructed a glass veranda above the front porch (Håkan is a carpenter by trade), painted the exterior blue and replicated old gingerbread carvings for the exterior (after consultation with a neighbour about their original appearance).

I’m just as in love with the veranda as I am the exposed beams in the bedroom, the beautiful wallpaper and restored cast iron stove in the kitchen!

This house is the kind that I only dream of living in.  It’s soft hues and character make me want to curl up on the Gustavian sofa or an upholstered armchair in the veranda.

What about you?  Is this a home you could see yourself taking comfort in?  I know I could; any time of year!

Åsa Hemse Åsa Hemse Åsa Hemse Åsa Hemse Åsa Hemse Åsa Hemse Åsa-Hemse-3205-313x470


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