Even though I live in Ontario, Canada and I still have snow in my back yard, Spring is beginning to FINALLY peak out from under the ground in our back garden.

I’m very excited for the weather to get warmer, to get out walking with the baby, dog and stroller and to start setting up my patio and backyard!  I’m looking forward to buying and planting flowers, having barbeques with friends and family, going to the cottage, relaxing under the porch and readying a magazine with a coffee in hand, but right now, I can only imagine!

I also have a friend who lives in Barbados that was looking for some fabulous patio ideas (who fortunately, doesn’t have to imagine any of this, any time of year!)

To inspire us both – and hopefully you too! – I’ve pulled together some great dreamscapes that I would love my backyard, patio or porch to look like.  I hope that you enjoy them and if you are in a cooler climate like I am, our time to sit out on the patio will come!

For now, bask in the sun and warmth of these beauties and let your mind already be there!  Let me know which one you like best!

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