I have a strange addiction with gallery walls.  I love both a symmetrical and asymmetrical appearance and the more eclectic, the better!  The best walls are the ones that are most inspired!

I LOVE some of these great spaces below – and you are very capable of making them yourself!!

Here are 16 TIPS TO CREATING A GREEEEEEEAT GALLERY WALL (and be the envy of all your friends!)

1.  Let your gallery wall be eclectic (it’s a lot easier than getting out the level and tape measure for every print…) .  I love what Blue Roof Cabins did in her kitchen area!!

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2.  Hang all of your pictures symmetrically.

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3.  Don’t be afraid to make an asymmetrical or vertical wall.  I love what The Black Apple did below with her tiny blue room to add interest to the small space!


4.  Use your hallway as a canvas (and a way to make your guest’s trip to the bathroom that much more interesting!)

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5.  Go for a monochromatic look (using one colour, or a variation of that colour).

066808c82541d8bb36700b7a739fc373 monochromtic wall -

6.  Use those heirlooms and/or vintage and treasured trinkets you have not yet found a place for!

vintage3 vintage vintage2

7.  Create interest behind the gallery – with a striped or chevron wall.

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8.  OR…use a chalkboard painted wall.

25b1c164f4586b07994dd55c7e9cc5e9 chalkboard

9.  Make the monster TV you let your husband buy (to make up for the rest of the house you have dominated) into a gorgeous masterpiece of art.

820dee78a97a10441240c79f27be61ff tv
10.  Use white frames for your wall.

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11.  OR…use black frames :)

black black2 black3
12.  Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors – a designer’s best friend (create the illusion of depth and a reflective surface – of ideally something the interesting other side of your room!)

mirrors mirrors2 mirrors3 mirrors4
13.  Use empty frames…no need to always have images within the frames.

5e69f62daa93f3d478571fb35744b6ab empty frames

14.  Use your staircase as a gallery.

staircase staircase2 staircase3 f30490a31050afa49580e2a3a51fe993staircase4

15.  Use a dark wall with various frame and mat sizes to create contrast.

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16.  Last but not least…don’t feel the need to hang the pictures on the wall.  Use shelving instead – it adds an additional layer of depth and interest.

97478eaeaa67c759ecbb2eaea10db468 shelves shelves2 shelving

Enjoy making your wall – for each one is unique and something to be truly proud of!

All images posted without hyperlink are via Pinterest.

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