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For as long as I can remember, I have been fully engrossed by interior design.  From early childhood, I’ve watched my Mother move furniture from room to room, paint a room (only to paint it again, shortly thereafter), move vases, books and assorted “nick nacks”, more times than I can count!

In our household(s), pillows, throws, floral arrangements, drapes, and rugs, all seemed to change by the season (or whenever my Mom could no longer tolerate the same picture, in the same place).  With this movement, I became witness to a lot of creativity and very clever storage solutions.  Naturally, this rubbed off on me (much to my husband’s delight).  :)

While my professional education and experience has largely been in the field of Human Resources for the last 16 years, I always felt I wanted to pursue my passion for organization, design, staging, and most of all, giving people the same satisfaction that both my Mother and and I experience, when we truly feel at home in a space.

Because I very much appreciate that people want to live in a space they can call home, I treat every client’s property like it is my own.  Whether I need to stage or decorate one room, or a whole house, I am equally dedicated – and treat each job with the same attention and excitement!  My ability to effectively collaborate with clients, visualize your home’s potential, and to successfully execute this vision, ensures your happiness – and the quick sale of your home!

It is my mission and goal, to ensure your home is attractive to potential buyers, and that it can become “A Space Called Home” to someone else.  I look forward to working alongside you, and can’t wait to see the potential in your home!

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